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We offer new and used warehouse equippment such us high bay cranes and conveyors.

One of our major customers has moved the central warehouse abroad and the entire warehouse is emptied of equipment.

We offer automatic warehouse with modern WMS (warehouse control systems) for pallets, boxes or steelpallets for CNC machines.

We have many years experience in the installation and removal of the automatic cranes.

Interested? Please contact Mr Lennart Skeppner + 46 19205480



We also perform relocation and upgrading of existing systems.

Recently delivered!

LSS 2012 Storage Systems with WMS for Electrolux in Ljungby, Sweden.

Systems for storage of profesional washingmachines and dryers.

LSS 2010 WMS for automatic storage systems. 

Client Kraft Foods/ Marabou in             Upplands Väsby, Sweden.

Sytem for packing and storage of chocolates in refrigerated storage.

LSS 2008 WMS for automatic storage systems. Customer Volvo Construction Equiption in Braås, Sweden.

This smallbox crane is a Super fast crane which handles 40 kg's easy cargo boxes.

The storage has a capacity of 3455 boxes.

Citect Scada

LSS 2007 Storage Systems for AA Logistics.  

Two Cranes and conveyorsystem.

Download PDF Project Description

PSS 2007, FMS Controlsystem for 

CNC machine groups.

A product presentation.

Download PDF Project Description

Scada System
Flytt av anläggning Relocation of crane systems.

LSS 2000 and SS crane 2000

Volvo Parts AB.

Download PDF Project Description



New crane control.

SS Crane 2000

Volvo Car Corporation.

Download PDF Project Description 
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