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Systemservice AB partnered with Element Logic AS.

Our partnership in sales and after sales of the product, AutoStore in Sweden.


Automated Storage and Retrieval System

AutoStore® is a unique and patented Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), and the most compact system in the market.

With standard modules in a tailor made system, Element Logic revolutionizes handling of small/medium size goods for our customers, making internal logistics a competitive advantage.

Some benefits with AutoStore:

  • Extreme space utilization: Save up to 85% floor area
  • Ergonomic working area: Goods to man in a low noise level environment
  • Operational flexibility: Flexible execution of different processes
  • High speed operations: Up to 500 bin presentations per hour/per operator
  • Flexible adaption: Easy to implement in existing or new buildings
  • Scalability: Expand storing and/or handling capacity according to need
  • Environmental: Low power consumption
  • Improved quality: Less picking errors

Secure storage: Protected Environment

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